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The Jessica Ann Moore Foundation conducts multiple programs throughout the year. With the addition of the Jessica Ann Moore Community Center we are able to serve more clients and more communities. Continue to monitor our program list and we continue to develop a program that works for the communities that we serve.

Scholarship Program

Each year three well deserving students are awarded an academic scholarship through the Jessica A. Moore Scholarship Committee, one student under the George L. Taylor Scholarship and one student under the Olivia Taylor Scholarship.

College Prep

The Foundation assists students in preparation for the SAT/ACT college exam, essay writing, and college applications.


The Foundation assists non-traditional students with resources to obtain the General Equivalency Diploma (GED).


For those students wishing to serve our country before or after attending college, the Foundation can assist with instruction and resources regarding the military programs.

Job Skills Training

(Coming Soon)

With the addition of the Jessica Ann Moore Community Center, the Foundation is now able to conduct job skills training programs. The Foundation has partnered with Software Technology Resources, LLC to design programs that will offer programs to the community that will enhance their opportunities to obtain and improve gainful employment. (Check back often as more information is provided.)