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The Jessica Ann Moore Foundation  is a non-profit program designed to assist in preparing youth and adults for the unique challenges of getting into a college or university that fits their needs, returning to college in the near future, or receiving their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

The Jessica Ann Moore Foundation will focus on preparing students to take the SAT/ACT, filling out college applications, applying for scholarships, essay writing, exploring various Military ROTC program and GED admission.

Co-Founder Jessica A. Moore’s desire was to help those who may have strayed away from the traditional path of education obtain a degree and soar to greater heights in life.¬† As we continue her legacy, we will continue to serve the Virginia region with hopes of expanding to other localities soon.

In recent years, the education system has been challenged with an intensified rate of high school dropouts, limited resources of information, and soaring education cost.  These challenges and opportunities for educating our students require proactive attention and strong strategic planning today that meet challenges in the 21st Century.