• Assistance with SAT Preparation


    • Assistance with College Entrance Essay Writing
    • Assistance with Scholarship Applications


    • GED Admission and Preparation


    • Military Program Exploration


    • Computer Training

    • Tutoring Spanish and Algebra I

    • Tiger Mart Store: Walnut Hill Elementary School, Petersburg, Virginia

    • Back to School Program - Providing supplies to five school in the state of Virginia.

Free Online SAT Preparation Class

Click here to access a free online SAT preparation class.

Future Programs:
The Jessica Ann Moore Foundation will assist clients with professional mentors from the local community.  Ideally, the client will select someone within their career program or field.  The mentors will be someone whom the student believes they can garner valuable guidance and substantive information applicable to furthering their personal knowledge and skills as leaders.  The mentoring relationship will be set in standard and controlled parameters, which will be prescribed at the onset of coming to the Drop Out to Degree Program.