About Us


The mission of the Jessica Ann Moore Foundation is to provide services that define a path to success for those who departed from established paths of education and foster the next generation of leaders through a continuously evolving cutting edge program in the community.


The vision of the Jessica Ann Moore Foundation is to become known as the education benchmark program in providing a unique functional service tailored to the needs of the individual.  Each client will experience an outward and inward journey in their growth as emerging graduates and educated members of our community.
Our clients will be recognized as visionary and strategic-minded graduates prepared to provide versatile leadership through inevitable and perpetual change.


  • Provide educational wellness, scholarship assistant, essay writing, and economic empowerment.

  • Teach and prepare students and adults for collegiate aspirations and provide tutorial programs to prep for the ACT, SAT and college entrance exams.

  • Support programs that provide safe environments for youths and adults age ranging from 15 and up.

  • Support programs that provide healthy activities.

  • Support programs that build healthy mentoring relationships with caring adults and organizations.

  • Promote youth programs and leadership development.

  • Promote civic and community engagement.